Thursday, June 22, 2017

SOL 41 - Welcome Home

It's 10:49 pm, and as I neglected to bring my laptop with me but couldn't wait another day to post this, I'm doing it on my phone. Please excuse any spelling mistakes.

The following is what I typed up on the notes app of my phone for two days before the Twenty One Pilots show.


June 20th:

2:20 pm
Holy kuso. I arrived in Columbus yesterday, and today the plan was to scope out the concert venue and arrive tomorrow morning at 5 am. *
It's the day before and there are already 50+ people here, including myself (#45). **
Supposedly there's no overnight camping allowed, but someone from the venue is writing numbers on people's hands, so that rule is long gone.

3:50 pm
I've been here for an hour. I've made a friend, Elizabeth, who's my age and from Ohio. We've been talking for a while. More and more people are joining the line. My mom came back with blankets and food, but I wish she would not sit next to me and the small group of people I'm chatting with. She isn't a fan of TØP and keeps interjecting into our conversations... while eating salad. When I say "while" I mean while. Call me a stereotypical teenager, but I do want her to move.

7:00 pm
The plan is that once the show before us gets out, the hundred or so people camping will all move across the street and get in line. The numbers aren't an official system as I thought earlier, but a fan-created order to get rid of shoving and fights. Nice try. I guarantee that tomorrow morning, 500 people will come and claim they've been here the whole time. In other news, Elizabeth and I have now swapped Instagram usernames.

11:10 pm
I had pizza for dinner, and the show before us is out. No one has moved across the street so far, so I'm guessing I'll sleep here overnight so I can be early in line. The problem with being not in the first row of the general admission standing pit is not being able to see over anyone's heads. I have to be in the first row. I will stay here as long as it takes. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as the band is getting more popular every day and this is an extraordinarily small venue. I want to be close to them. Although, I am currently EXTREMELY paranoid and anxious about not being able to brush my teeth until the morning. My plan is that once I have a fixed place in line across the street, I'll go back to the rented house, shower, change, brush my teeth, and return as quickly as possible. Elizabeth has left with her dad but I expect she'll be back soon,

11:24 pm

11:37 pmo
I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep. I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep. But I can't, but I can't, when IM SO FREAKINH EXCITED AND ANXIETY IS KEEPING ME AWAKE BECAUSE WHAT IF I DONT WAKE UP WHEN EVERYONE ELSE MOVES AND I LOSE MY SPOT IN LINE, yeah. I know what you think in the morning, when the sun shines on the ground, and shows, what you have done, it shows, where your mind has go-o-one... D-bag motorcyclists who think it's cool to take out the muffler and rev their engines twenty times at the stoplight keep doing exactly that, which is another reason I can't get to sleep.

June 21st:

1:09 am
Disorganized chaos! Some sneaky fuckers ran across the street while everyone else was sleeping. There was a rush to follow, and soon everyone was in an unplanned clump. Ten minutes of "BACK UP! BACK THE FUCK UP!!! occurred. Liz and her dad rushed back when she got my text about the line moving. I'm going home now to sleep and Liz's holding my spot. My mom will stay in line until 8 am, then she'll pick me up and we'll switch.

This whole ordeal sounds awful, but it's the most fun I've had in a long time.

8:22 am
I'm back at the venue after five hours of sleep and a lot of anxiety. The line now stretches around the block and halfway onto the next. Apparently there are people who don't have tickets who are hoping to get one at the box office. I'm pretty sure they were all given away in the raffle, so I can't guarantee they'll get in. I've had one slice of cheese for breakfast and I'm ready to wait in line for another 12 hours.

8:41 am
Three giant trucks just parked on the opposite side of the road. Three. Exactly how many drum sets does Josh need?! *** The trucks made me realize that this is really happening. This. Is. Happening. On another note, the girl sitting next to me looks exactly like Sofie Rossman, glasses and all. I'm not even kidding, I had to do a double-take to make sure it wasn't actually Sofie.

9:58 am
Some girls from the Express Live! show (tomorrow night) gave out donuts to the front of the line here. Elizabeth and I finally mastered the TØP handshake (google it) which Ruth and I failed miserably to learn. Liz also made two necklaces, a heart for Tyler and an alien head for Josh, and they're amazingly sculpted and painted. I wish I'd brought something. We'd hoped to be in the first 50 in line but tons of people decided to hop in in front of the line. I doubt we'll be getting backstage passes, if they're even being given out. Mark, the head cameraman for TØP, walked by and caused a panic of people chasing him (walking calmly though). Liz got a picture with him, and I was next in line, but then he apologized and crossed the street. Fml.

1:46 pm
They're soundchecking and I'm both shaking incredibly hard and, as them kiddos say, shook to the core. Tyler sounds like an angel. A Reel Bear Media cameraman recorded a couple videos of me talking about the band, which I really hope make it onto the show video, and Elizabeth talking about her necklaces she made.
Hours until the show and I'm speechless. This band means everything to me.

4:10 pm
A giant pool of people looking to buy tickets has merged with the front of the line. 50 or so succeeded in getting tickets and thought they were entitled to "not walk two miles to the end of the line so I'll just go here!" (This is extremely close to what one of the people actually said.) I was invited with Liz closer to the front of the line, but we are letting anyone with number (not that they matter anymore) ahead of ours cut in front of us.

4:25 pm
ID check!

4:54 pm
Still in line. Bought hat. Unbearably hot.

6:13 pm
We're in! Can't see anything, but still. 3rd row.

7:00 pm
I tried moving in front of a trash can, security made me move behind it, and now I'm up to second row.

8:00 pm
Fucker McFuckface, a six+ ft tall guy, made a girl younger than I cry because he wouldn't move so she could see. She won't be able to see anything for the entire concert.

It's over. The experience of having your idol ten feet away from you,**** grinning and pumping his fists when the crowd cheered twenty seconds longer than necessary, smiling like a maniac even though he's mentioned in an interview that he hates his smile, will never be had again, Confetti landing on my sweat-soaked face, on my head, on my shoulders. Scooping up red confetti off the ground while nearly crying because of the experience of it all.*****

It's over.
The end of the end of an era has begun.

adding this in because they're so sweet
Red confetti and "what's my name?!" (my name's Blurryface) yelled by Tyler fucking Joseph, head soaked in sweat like the rest of ours, hair floof sticking up, so incredibly happy.
I mentioned in a SOL how much happier the albums seemed to get as Tyler aged, and met his best friend (who later joined the band), and married his wife. No one really knows (his mind, and no one knows behind his eyes, the man deserves a medal but he's never really won a prize before, he goes to lock the door) about his past, but I think the music is happier because he's happier. I'm glad.
That was incredible.
That was truly something to live for.




  1. I read this a few days ago, and enjoyed it, but the images/videos make it that much better! (Also I'm really damn happy you still have your Dauphin band.) That must've been a blast, especially considering TOP (too lazy to go into Word and copy the dashed O) is your favorite band. Hope the rest of your trip was also fun and nothing bizarre happens on the journey home!

  2. Unfortunately, too much water got into the Dauphin band and it ripped through two days ago. I tried to superglue it but it didn't stick. I still have the band, though.


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